2016 –

Half Hidden is an ongoing research project.

Anne Haaning is a Research Fellow with The Norwegian Artistic Research Fellowship Programme at Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Arts and Creative Writing.


Half Hidden ties myth and technology together through the proposition that human commitment to the digital is rooted profoundly in the origins of human nature. The backdrop to this technological myth, or mythical technology, is what I’ve labeled Digital Colonialism.


By looking at the employment, performance and meaning of technology through a mythical perspective, I will try to unmask, or perhaps re-mask, some of the structures the digital imposes on us. I will look at how production and circulation locks us in a loop of unpaid digital labor, violated privacy, continued human de-skilling, post factual manipulation and other potential traits of Digital Colonialism enforcing standardization and exploitation of culture and the social.


A research blog is on the way!